Wednesday, October 30, 2002

White Blood Cells of Jesus

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i've started drinking a glass of wine per day, again.  white wine, thus far.  at the NYTA meeting, jones murphy mentioned struggling through a glass per day.  and he's on a caloric restriction diet!  so i looked into it again, read the studies on the cardiovascular benefits and the effects of alcohol consumption.  decided the benefits were worth the risks, especially with the low volumes i'll be consuming.

i've got about eight minutes before i have to coordinate a router swap in chicago.  that should be fun.  also on the news front; my telecommuting options have slimmed dramatically.  i had a talk with albert that put everything in perspective and i've got a new outlook on things.  it's bleak, but it's realistic.  i think i'll start preparing for the worst, and we'll see what happens.  it's obvious i can't "think down" to the level of management that's conducting the business decisions - perhaps i should take business classes.

yeah right, what would i do with myself in a scholastic environment?  go crazy, perhaps. that's no way to live life.

i'll be leaving nyc within a few years. but to where? on what terms? i'd like to get bbsm up and running before i leave hq... if i decide to leave.  who knows?

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