Friday, October 25, 2002

Tonight Tonight

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"A paradox is truth standing on its head to attract attention."
 - Nicholas Falletta
the NYTA meeting went very well.  nine people showed up in total.  the speaker, murphy jones, gave a great talk on cryonics and calorie-restriction as two life extension options.  for someone who severely restricts his caloric intake, he had quite a bit of energy and seemed quite fit, healthy and happy.  surprisingly, a full third of the participants in the meeting were female.

even more surprising was that elaine walker showed up.  she's quite a busy lady.  she claims to be 34.  i suppose i believe her, but i figured her for much younger than that.  her, hatuna and i went out for dinner after the meeting.  hatuna's a pre-med student at nyu in a neuro-field that i can't quite recall.  she wants me to see vanilla sky - a movie jenelle recommended very highly.

the NYTA meetings are to be held in my office building twice a month in one of our conference rooms.  makes it easy for me, sure - but the group gets a venue free of charge, which is nice.  it feels good to give back to the community that has fostered my self-teaching methodology and personal intellectual pursuits.

sleepytime tea + brian eno = logically, i should be unconscious.

i had a great talk with laurie tonight, too, after she got back from work.  things between her and i are so interesting.  it definitely goes beyond two people simply wanting what they know they can't have.  we've got a great intellectual connection, and it just feels great.  it's good to have proof that you're not really all alone in the universe.

tonight was about being with people who i could identify with.  the NYTA group, laurie, people i feel naturally at home around.  gives me that security of knowing not only am i not alone, i'm also probably not all that crazy, either. :)

who knows?

tonight was wonderful.

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