Monday, October 28, 2002

More Modest Wanderlust

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modest mouse always instills a sense of wanderlust in me.  hop in a car and just go.  i wonder if i'll ever do that.  i miss the wide open spaces.  i need to spend a week or two driving through the midwest.  end up in colorado.  i miss the mountains and the air.

new media acquisitions: stereolab's "abc music" - a 2cd set of bbc radio 1 sessions.  great stuff.  also; real genius and the neverending story on dvd.

i slacked this weekend and have yet to finish pinker.  i'm so looking forward to moving on in my studies.  next book is drexler's engines of creation - and i need a good, solid technical theory book to ground me after pinker's exploration of the mind.

tina left for india yesterday and my thoughts are with her.  i hope she stays safe and has the time of her life.

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