Thursday, October 17, 2002

Gymnopedie Bliss

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i'm currently downloading a few versions of erik satie's gymnopedie - which i'm hoping to be the lost piano track from royal tenenbaums.

yes... yes, this is definitely it.  ahh, bliss.

i'm a music pirate, i must say.  i view it as civil disobedience.  since switching to osx, i've missed kazaa lite.  limewire just isn't where it needs to be on osx.  so what does a mac user do?  he downloads the mp3's on his high-speed connection at work from kazaa lite on his windows bow... then he sets up a samba share to the windows box and streams the mp3's over a wireless connection.  ahh, bliss again.

oddly enough, i found out about erik satie from a cornelius breezeblock bbc radio 1 mix.  the setlist wasn't online but radio 1 is great about answering email.  oddly enough, this was also the first time i discovered the cornelius remix of "brand new day" is the remix of a sting song.  who knew?  not i, apparently.  ugh, sting.  no bliss there.  at least cornelius makes him listenable.

the particular mp3 file i found that i was looking for was called:

eric satie - trois gymnopedies.mp3

search for it, you won't be disappointed.  i promise. :)

peppermint tea, lovely music and a warm sweater.  what more could one ask for on a cold thursday morning?

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