Thursday, October 31, 2002

The Future of Holidays

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i don't like to celebrate holidays.  i like to think about the future.  imagine my consciousness in a machine orbiting some distant star, controlling nano-devices in multiple locations as a form of embodiment.  in the mind, there's no day or night.  no holidays.  no gender.  that our minds are stuck in our bodies means we're affected by various things - fatigue, environment, hormones, etc.  Remove the mind from the body, and the sky's the limit.  That's the future.  That's where I want to be.

today i received "a new kind of science" in the mail. i won it in a raffle, as a door prize during the extropian monthly chat.  i read the preface on the train home.  he seems really full of himself.  he believes his own hype.  based on the pictures, it looks like the book is all about emergent systems and complexity theory.  should at least be an interesting read if i ever get around to it.

tonight i've read a paper called "immortality and sentencing law" from the journal of philosophy, science and law.  interesting concepts.  taking away an immortals right to work or educate him/herself.

also; a transcribed lecture on the canadian healthcare system.  not nearly as socialized as i had previously been lead to believe.  mom makes a good point about opportunities for american expatriots in canada.

also; the suicide note of the university of phoenix killer.  i forget his name.  an interesting read.  beauracracy fucked with him every step of the way.  he made a rational decision to educate those who slighted him.  i forwarded it on to cory.  i wonder how long until he snaps.

and for a second night in a row, i'm watching royal tenenbaums.  i love this movie.  i'll need to elaborate on this in some future post.

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