Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picasa Sidebar Gadget for Blogger

First idea.

Blogger needs a decent sidebar gadget for displaying your public Picasa albums. Just a minimalistic view, tiled album covers. Nothing fancy. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised this doesn't exist - though Google has never really been very good at tying their products together in useful ways.

Make it happen!


So tonight the girlfriend convinced me to publish my ideas for the world at large.

"If you're not going to get off your ass and do them yourself, at least contribute them to the world. If they're halfway decent, someone will make money with them, even if you won't... and if that person is halfway decent, maybe they'll share some of that money with you."

Well, shit. No arguing with that logic.

So hey! That's a great name for a blog! "The Idea Guy!" Oh. Domains squatted on. Nothing nearly close available on tumblr. Wait - didn't I have a blog on like, Blogger? Whatever happened to that? Curated art? Hmm. Boring. Maybe I could, y'know, just use that. Rather than publish content somewhere and deal with importing it here later.

So, yeah. Ideas. Coming this way.