Saturday, August 10, 2002

ah, tonight

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i can now say that since i moved to the city, i've had (and taken) the opportunity to see all of my favorite bands. first was stereolab. then mogwai. then tortoise. i was even fortunate enough to see the solid steel set at the knitting factory. but tonight was something different and special. all the way from japan, i saw cornelius.

felt great.

doors were at 8, cornelius didn't hit the stage until 11. felt like forever, waiting. opening band, dymaxion, wasn't very cohesive. i'd seen them open for stereolab once.

cornelius knows how to put on a show. they played most of the tracks off the new album, perfectly in sync with the music video being projected behind them. i mean it was perfect...

they also played some tracks off the first disc, and some that were only released in japan - one in particular was apparently about soccer and if i were to give it a title, it'd be "spalding."

he played like a chill virtuoso... hitting all the hard notes and making it look easy. it was really a sight to behold.

in the middle of "brand new season" - which was accompanied by a video of elvis and some hula dancers on a loop - he pulled an audience member up onto the stage and used the audience member's body in conjunction with a theremin to belt out a cover of "love me tender." after it was over, they threw confetti in the air and presented the audience member with a flower-necklace (lei?) and a hug before sending him back to the main floor.

i'm left utterly exhausted but with a feeling of such great satisfaction.

Friday, August 02, 2002

yes, more

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new picture on moc.

although sometimes i wonder why i bother. if asexual reproduction is good enough for amoeba, why can't it be good enough for me? that's all cloning is anyway...

although the oppressive heat has curbed my recent biking habit, i've been more active in the extropy group as of late, and that feels just as good.


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it's difficult to watch friends make painful decisions. i worry so much about j and her relationship. this whole week, the lack of communication, it's been just awful. i need to step away from it all for a bit. i've been unfair to myself these past few months(years?) and this sudden feeling of hopelessness is in a strange way empowering.

wonder what i'll do with it...

on a different note, i've just been given a *heavy* project at work on a *very* tight deadline... so it looks like i won't get a vacation until sometime in Autumn. which is my favorite time of year anyway, i suppose.

i've bonded with the powerbook. it's become my main machine at work as well as at home. can't wait for the jaguar release on 8/24. chimera's the browser i'm on right now. feeling the love.

fuz isn't home yet, so it looks like i've probably got the apartment to myself all weekend as dkp is off at defcon and his girlfriend is down in georgia... i suppose i can occupy myself by cleaning the bathroom. it needs it, yuck.

bewildered. that's a good word for how i'm feeling right now. it's a kind of sad, muted, clear-headed rage - yet numb at the same time. have you ever felt that way? have you ever wanted to?