Tuesday, July 23, 2002

officially switched

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so this past weekend i did it. i took the plunge and switched over to the Apple world with the purchase of an incredibly sexy powerbook.

i love it. i've been using it almost non-stop, and it pains me to think that when I go home this evening i'll need to use my IBM thinkpad to do a circuit install out in LA. although i'm pretty sure i can find a way to do it with the mac... hmm...

so i'm still tooling around with the OS, trying to figure out all its idiosyncracies.

things with jenelle have taken a turn for the... well... interestingly worse, i suppose. i'm not sure if i'm ready to express feelings about it one way or another.

ah, the file transfer to miss laurie just finished. hope you enjoy the music vid, doll. :)

i'm off!

Friday, July 19, 2002

h2k2 wrapup and apple stuff

(originally posted at pixeljuice.livejournal.com)

as i promised, i wanted to expand on my h2k2 experience. it was... interesting. it had the general feel of a conference without major corporate sponsorship. no marketing stazi to make sure everything was picture-perfect. i met some interesting people, and saw some famous people speak. that's about it, really.

i gave the negativland guy (mark dosler) $20 because i'd downloaded some negativland mp3's. it freaked him out, and sparked a conversation. his presentation included some really amazing video clips. afterward was jello biafra's state of the world address... which was really just a long-winded diatribe about the current events as seen on news.google or metafilter or anywhere else online. nothing new there.

although after his rant, he played some interesting vinyl he brought with him, and I had some great seats, only a foot away from the turntable. if anyone has pictures of jello playing dj, lemme know - i'm probably in them. :P

- - - - -

so i visited the new Apple store today down in SoHo. let me first say, there are too many goddamn beautiful people in SoHo. that being said, the store was beautiful and the people were helpful. i got to play with a Powerbook, and I'm intent on buying one now.

they tell me that they carry them in stock. so next week, after i'm sure i can sustain on my new shoestring budget, i'll go down and pick one up... *drool*

- - - - -

derrek's in town for macworld, and we're going to check the siren festival down in coney island tomorrow if it's not rained out.

and i'm looking forward to my strange upcoming vacation. who knows how things'll go with jenelle and her boyfriend situation. i might end up in maine with cory and anna instead. who knows?

Sunday, July 14, 2002


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hackers on planet earth conference.

i've been there the past few days and will be there tomorrow. lots of interesting things to talk about... when i have more energy to devote to it, i will.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

long life rant

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it irks me every time i hear someone ask an old person "what's your secret to long life?"

i'd imagine that an elderly person would find this patronizing, as - when spoken by a smiling, on-air personality - seems to roughly translate into: "how come you're not dead yet?"

i hope that i live long enough to be asked what my secret of long life is...

to which i'd reply: "avoiding people like you... unngh..."

...and then promptly die.

Monday, July 08, 2002

typing from a mac

(originally posted at pixeljuice.livejournal.com)

yes, i bought the powermac g3 tower from work. i made reference to it before, but now it's all mine. :)

upon finding that opera 6 wasn't out yet for osx, i switched my default browser to omniweb. but i missed tabbed browsing so much that i've switched again... this time to mozilla. i'm not as impressed with mozilla's tab feature as i was with opera 6's. tabbed browsing is an absolute must if you're an uber-surfer (imagine that 'u' had two little dots above it; i'm too lazy to look up the escape sequence).

oh well.

more program woes... i miss trillian. i use AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ to keep in touch with people. so i found a program called Proteus. it LOOKS great. problem is, it doesn't work. for some strange reason, it would connect to each of the services and download my buddies or friends or whatever... but it wouldn't actually show them as being online. so i couldn't send anyone a message. moreover, when i told the program to search for any updates... it found one and downloaded it... although it turned out to be the same version as the one i already had. boo! what's more (yes, there's more) the splash screen while Proteus is loading tells me "version 1.6something" while the About... menu tells me version 2! at least it *looked* like pretty software. sigh.

i finished selfish gene today. liked it so much i added the extended phenotype to my wishlist. i'm moving on to reading a book about marketing/branding called No Logo.

Oh... and Cornelius is playing at Bowery Ballroom August 9th. I'm more than excited. Will you be there? Let me know.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

quantum computing update

(originally posted at pixeljuice.livejournal.com)

an okay update on the state of quantum computing to solve unsolvable problems.

here's the original paper in pdf, for anyone technically inclined.