Tuesday, July 23, 2002

officially switched

(originally posted at pixeljuice.livejournal.com)

so this past weekend i did it. i took the plunge and switched over to the Apple world with the purchase of an incredibly sexy powerbook.

i love it. i've been using it almost non-stop, and it pains me to think that when I go home this evening i'll need to use my IBM thinkpad to do a circuit install out in LA. although i'm pretty sure i can find a way to do it with the mac... hmm...

so i'm still tooling around with the OS, trying to figure out all its idiosyncracies.

things with jenelle have taken a turn for the... well... interestingly worse, i suppose. i'm not sure if i'm ready to express feelings about it one way or another.

ah, the file transfer to miss laurie just finished. hope you enjoy the music vid, doll. :)

i'm off!

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