Thursday, October 10, 2002


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where to begin?

my glasses broke.  they've been krazy glued back together, but that appears to be a temporary solution.  i need new glasses.  yuck.

new media: beetlejuice dvd, super mario sunshine for nintendo gamecube.

i bought a firewire cable for my camcorder, enabling me to edit videos, use it as a webcam, and take digital photos.

last weekend i was paid a visit by carolyn and kim from simon's rock.  enjoyable, even thought it completely threw off my sleep schedule to have them arrive at 3:30am.  they introduced me to a custom-card game called fluxx.

cassy arrives this evening.  we're going to the legendary pink dots concert tomorrow, i'm excited.  it'll be great to see her again.  she had a layover in nyc a couple months back and we explored central park and enjoyed each others company.  so this should be a good visit.

thoughts on extreme psychosomatics.  i mean, extreme.  fun sci-fi stuff.  game genie walk-through-walls code stuff.  also; a race of creatures whose cells don't undergo mitosis, but reproduce sexually, cause the skin to glow.  don't know where that one came from.  sexual reproduction of cells means evolution.  our cells are constantly dying and being replaced by identical cells... but in a being whose cells reproduce sexually means intracellular evolution over time.  weird.

i'll be getting a new iMac shortly.  also; mom's coming for a visit after cassy leaves.  that'll be fun.  i think that's about it.

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