Friday, October 04, 2002

What to Do

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i know this much; i'd like a webpage with content. :)

i'd like a database that tracks the library of books i own and which book(s) i've read, or am currently reading (or re-reading as the case may be).  this database should allow me to write a librarinth application based on the work of jeff noon.

i'd also like to maintain online image galleries of found images, digital photos and other bits of miscellany.

the question is: how should all of this come to pass?  i could write each application separately and use them separately.  i could implement a content-management system and manage it all centrally.  i could do a combination?

hermit prods me in the direction of zope/plone, but i'm not sure if that's overkill or not.  plus, it's based on python - of which, i have zero knowledge.  not sure if that's good or bad. :)

but it's getting late and the laundry needs to get put in the dryer so i can be sharp for tomorrow's NSS conference

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