Friday, August 25, 2006

Things that make you go "mmm, brains..."

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So DKP tells me I need to sell my soul and buy an Xbox 360 and Dead Rising. Granted, I don't really feel like buying a next-gen platform until the el-cheapo Wii comes out, but one little nugget of info got me thinking. Because, DKP explains, the Xbox 360 is basically just a PC and you can play mp3's on it, you should be able to have a custom soundtrack for any game you play.

That makes sense, sure.

But what does that mean for Dead Rising? It means a 28 Days Later soundtrack, or Shaun of the Dead. Hell, any old Godspeed! Your Black Emperor album would be pretty bitchin'. In fact, for a truly surreal experience, I could load up some Top 40 hits and go a'zombie-huntin'.

Mmm, brains.

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