Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hating the RIAA

(originally posted at crw.vox.com)

So just yesterday I linked to Beck's new music video from YouTube to my Vox account.  I went back to listen to it today only to find that the RIAA had ordered its removal from YouTube.  What bastards.  So I go to Beck's site only to find it's all craptacular flash and there's an even worse-quality version of the vid.

When are they going to get it through their skulls that consumers want their content as soon as possible and without any headache?

I think it used to be that music videos were just marketing for the music.  Now you can buy music video DVD's and download them via iTMS, so they've become products in their own right.  Rather than spreading the vids far and wide to get as many eyeballs as possible in order to drive music sales, they're keeping a tight rein on their distribution.  The problem is that now they've inconvenienced me as a possible consumer; I had to hunt around to find another version that was worth watching.  That annoys me and makes me hate them (more than I did) and not want to give them any business.

Anyway, without further ado, here's Beck's vid via Google Video.

(End rant.)

...or is it?  Forget the link above, it got pulled from there too.  Not worth it to keep searching, really.  If you happen to randomly see it someday, cool.  If not, fuck it.  You're not missing much.

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