Friday, August 18, 2006

Cornelius - Music

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New single comes out in Japan on 8/23.  He was on NHK last night, but I had no way of listening (that I know of).  I've been monitoring the p2p networks for the new single, but oddly enough, the first chance I got to hear it was the vid on YouTube.  Via momus via Qoogle.

...and I agree with momus, this doesn't feel like much of an evolution after five years of waiting for new material.  But still, I'm ecstatic to get any new Cornelius content - I can't believe he got one of the limited edition Cornelius record players.  Wow.  There we a Cornelius wrist watch that I really wanted a while ago, they sell knockoffs at TokyoPop now, might get one.  Now if only we can get some new Takako Minekawa music too. :)

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