Friday, September 30, 2005

Safety Razor Success

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This morning was the first time I've shaved with a safety razor.  I've always been curious, and a culmination of external stimuli prompted me to take the plunge.  Mostly it was the ridiculous news that Gilette was going up to a five-blades shaving system (linking to The Onion because Gilette hasn't bothered updating their page yet).  Just another excuse to charge even more for something that's only marginally better, if even that.

So I bought a safety razor and this morning I tried it out.  I was scared shitless.  I just knew I was going to slice my face up something awful.  The short of it is, I didn't, it was great and went without incident.  It took a bit longer and it was a bit tougher to reach the bits directly under my nostrils, but I feel I got a closer shave.  There was no slicing or dicing, but I suffered the same rough shave on the right side of my neck as I did with multi-blade products.  I don't blame the razor, more the fact that I'm supposed to shave in the direction the hair grows - and in that particular nook of my neck, it grows in all directions.  Mutant, I know.

The how-to was pretty spot-on.  It's all about preparation.  I used Avalon's Mint Thyme shaving cream, worked up into a crazy lather.  I brought two bottles of this shaving cream with me from Rochester, and I'm almost done with the second... so I need to find some place that sells it.  Whole Foods only sells lavender, gross.  Maybe Walgreens... Anyone know?  Suggest something better?

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