Wednesday, September 28, 2005 + itunes woes

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In honor of ljkrissy, today was my own personal Jeff Buckley day.  Everyone has artists that they've heard of but haven't really heard... and until today, Jeff Buckley was one of those for me.

Oddly enough, Krissy didn't have Buckley in her iTunes share, but btrott did and I've been listening to it off and on for most of the day.  iTunes doesn't really have any built-in mechanism for monitoring who's listening to your shared songs.  There's a widget, but all that really gives you is an IP address and what song is being streamed to that IP.  Not so useful.

I got to wondering how Ben might find out that I've been raiding his Buckley collection.  Aha!!  On the off-chance that he obsessively digs through my recent tracks, I went to my profile page to check them out (also; for that little thrill) of seeing what I'd listened to)... only to find... no Jeff Buckley!  Denied!

Turns out, iTunes doesn't keep track of songs that you play from other people's shares, hence the iScrobbler plugin doesn't pick them up and send them off to audioscrobbler.  Bummer.

I wonder if the family dog in Royal Tenenbaums was named after Jeff Buckley...

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