Thursday, June 20, 2002

potential art projects

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talking to laurie today got me thinking about potential art projects.

she hates jello.  so naturally, she hates bill cosby.  which gave me the idea to videotape little children saying ridiculously obscene things - things they wouldn't even understand - and splice in cosby's reactions from "kids say the darndest things."

and that brought back the memory of an art project i thought up at one of the mogwai shows.  there's a song that they play over what sounds like football (that is, soccer) announcers commenting on a match.  which gave me the idea to sift through the countless hours of john madden play-by-plays and splice it all together into really deep and meaningful poetry.

there's something attractive about the notion of taking something that's physically and intellectually repulsive to me and turning it into something beautiful.

it's hip to be crazy.

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