Saturday, June 29, 2002

expectation leads to disappointment

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tonight i saw the transient rainbow project, by cai guo-qiang.

click the link. go there. see the picture, read the description.

it was not like that at all.

what i had built up in my mind was this: a futuristic fireworks display. state of the art, man! a copious amount of luminescence streaking across the night sky, setting it on fire. once formed, the rainbow would hang there, emanating warm, bright colors as new age music floated down from the heavens.

ok, maybe the music was a bit much to expect.

what did i get? fireworks that spelled out MoMA (with an S showing up for no apparent reason) and then POP-POP-POP-POP-POP-POP-POP-BANG-fizzle.

and then a whole bunch of pissed-off onlookers.

as they left you'd hear people say: they dragged me out to Queens for this? and: guess I won't be going to the MoMA-QNS anytime soon.

of course, what you DIDN'T hear was: guess i'll pull my funding for the MoMA, or: i can't believe i paid for this...

anyway, i taped it with my camcorder to show some friends (and my mom) who'd be interested. when i got back to the apartment (took forever, argh) i watched the tape and... and... and... the fireworks lasted exactly 10 seconds.


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