Tuesday, June 11, 2002

life updates

(originally posted at pixeljuice.livejournal.com)

i neglect this poor livejournal.

but tonight i build a new webserver.  clockworkdreams.com, as you may already know, is down.  i have a development page up somewhere secret, if you want to know where - bug me.

but this new webserver will be fun.  primary use is to build and learn.  i'm planning on building a MySQL/PHP book catalog/curriculum.  and i'm also eager to play with movable type - which i first saw on gus' website.

hopefully installing and configuring it on my own will make me more eager to actually keep a journal.

so what's happened since i last checked in?

jenelle came for a wonderful, action-packed visit.  she brought her friend laura with her.  laura is from germany, but she just returned from a solitary trip abroad... to india.  jenelle's a wonderful, kind and thoughtful person.  having her around calmed me, allowed me to enjoy life a bit more.  if one can catch up on lost time, lost life... i felt that the week we spent together accomplished just that.

my yuppie ikea stuff came.  i like my bedside-table.  my building superintendent is avouding me because he doesn't want to hang my shelves.

last weekend dave found out about a picnic through nycbloggers.com.  we went and met people.  it was pretty fun.  it was hosted by banshee with appearances by cantwork and towards the end, kochanie.

oh, i've finally finished How to Overthrow the Government, and am contemplating sending an email to arianna to tell her all about R.U. Sirius and the Revolution Party.

I'm still waiting for an email back from someone, as I promised her I'd keep out of her logs.  On the other hand, maybe her life is full right now.  Should've applied for friendship sooner when there were vacancies. :)

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