Tuesday, April 23, 2002

strange dream

(originally posted at pixeljuice.livejournal.com)

very very strange dream, in fact.

perhaps i've been playing or watching too many video games.

so in the dream i flew the small cessna plane from grand theft auto up and landed it on the top of a large large building.  the buildings, i think, were supposed to represent the world trade center, as they were two really large buildings right next to each other.

only, they weren't office buildings.  they were like... fake apartment or hotel buildings.  it was like they belonged on a movie set.  all the rooms were made to look nice, but nothing actually worked.  each apartment or suite only had a living room, bedroom and small, functional bathroom.  and the weird thing is, without leaving the apartment or suite, you could go downstairs to the next apartment or suite...

anyway, my cohort in the dream was a friend of mine out in colorado, mike.  he was about to release a beautiful giant box set of cd's that was all glossy black.  he was showing them off to me.

then there was some part about parallel parking the uhaul truck, which sucked.

oh, but then we made it to the top of the buildings, and there was a stairway up to this beautiful pool.  but the stairs had gone out halfway up.  and it was terribly windy way up there.

eventually we hiked down to the bridge that connected the two buildings, and crossed it.

then there was more flying around in the small airplane.  and there was a dispute because mike got the money for the cd's from his girlfriend, and she was pissed at him for some reason.

and then we were going to have a dinner party, something with grapes.

but there are no bears in the himalayas, so it must be bigfoot. :)

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