Thursday, April 11, 2002

oddly enough

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i think i'm finally recovering from the big move last weekend.  the majority of my stuff is now in the new apartment, and i've spent the week here.  the commute isn't as bad as i thought.  even without music, as long as i have a good book, i'll be fine.

and i've been without music too.  damn nomad jukebox.  last night i ordered the new rio riot and it should arrive at my office tomorrow.  i'm rather excited.

so this weekend something strange happened.  my first night at the new place, i met a roomie's friend.  she ended up in my bed that night.  it was refreshing to be that close to someone.  and it has put me in a good mood all this week.

i dislike admitting that my mental state is in even some small way reliant on other people.  but the blatant change that one night can have on a person's demeanor is ample enough evidence.

yet i digress.  she has a boyfriend.  right.  did i know?  not really.  she told me the next morning.  we finally got around to talking about the whole thing yesterday.  she's not leaving her boyfriend.  this is fine.  although she seems like a nice, interesting, intelligent, fun person... this whole situation has forced me to re-examine what it is i really *want*.

and that's not easy.

anoyone who really know me knows that i'm on fairly solid ground with regards to where i am in life.  i've got a good career, good friends, and a great family.  whereas most of my friends have no clue what it is they want out of life itself, i'm not sure what it is i want out of a companion!

and it's strangely ironic that in some small way i can identify with what my friends are going through, as i had previously thought i was on a completely different plane.  it's comforting, in a way.

regardless; patience!  love will be found, life will be lived.  all that jazz.

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