Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Picasa Annoyance

Google's properties (with the exception of Sites, I think) use Picasa to store your images in automatic, system-created albums - but it doesn't treat these albums any differently than your own personal albums. As such, they become scattered about your album list and you can easily lose track of them. To give you an idea, here's a list of automatically-created albums I can pick out of my hundred or so personal albums:

  • Photos from posts (Google+)
  • Instant Upload (Google+)
  • Drop Box (Picasa)
  • 1 album per Blogger blog (Blogger)
  • Blogger Pictures (appears to contain several sizes of my Blogger profile picture; Blogger)
  • Profile Photo (Google Profiles)
  • Scrapbook Photos (Google Profiles) 
Google has a good opportunity coming up for fixing this when they re-brand Picasa to Google Photos. Also; it'd be nice if there was an option for Google Sites to do image hosting via Picasa.

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