Friday, July 21, 2006

Phew. So that was Vancouver.

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Long week finally over.

So the company I've been doing work for just acquired 8 new locations in the Vancouver area and sent me up to do some site surveys and install some new pieces of network infrastructure.  What I found when I got to these locations was pretty shocking.

One week was certainly not enough time to hit all 8 centers.  I could've spent a week at each individual location and still have stuff left to do.  Sadly, this meant I didn't get to see much of Vancouver.  What I did see, I liked very much.

My hotel was far enough out of the downtown area and into the ghetto that I got to see some interesting sights.  One of my favorites was a public service ad for recycling where a stick figure who dropped some trash on the ground was bitten in half by a great white shark.  Yeah.  I also saw a Masonic lodge with a gaudy neon sign on the outside.  I saw a crew filming some skateboarders grinding on some corporate sculptures downtown.

I got a license for XP SP2 while I was up here so I finally finished my install of XP under Parallels.  Got it set up with VirtueDesktops and it's so neat.  I'm surprised at how fast the emulated Windows feels, and I love that Windows can totally crash and not affect the work I need to do.

I'm looking forward to being home and sleeping in tomorrow.

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