Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Best of The Legendary Pink Dots

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In honor of tonight's show, I thought I'd whip together a playlist of my favorite songs by The Legendary Pink Dots.  I first heard them in college, downloaded off some random Hotline server (yes, Hotline, remember that?).  I've only seen them perform once, in NYC, so I'm looking forward to tonight's show very much.  Without further ado, the songs and the albums they can be found on:
  1. Birdie (All the King's Horses)
  2. Prague Spring (Canta Mientras Puedas)
  3. Friend - version (Canta Mientras Puedas)
  4. Clockwise (From Here You'll Watch the World Go By)
  5. Damien (From Here You'll Watch the World Go By)
  6. This Hollowed Ground (From Here You'll Watch the World Go By)
  7. Home (Maria Dimension)
  8. Damien Remix (Remember Me This Way)
  9. Belladonna (Canta Mientras Puedas)
  10. I Love You in Your Tragic Beauty (Crushed Velvet Apocalypse)
  11. The Angel Trail (Canta Mientras Puedas)
  12. Princess Coldheart (Crushed Velvet Apocalypse)
  13. The Ocean Cried 'Blue Murder' (Maria Dimension)
  14. Slaapliedje (Nemesis Online)
Omitted from the list, but still very good when done in the studio is Saucers #1.  All the live versions I've heard of it are super-sketchy.

Update: if you're a user, you can listen to this playlist if you search for "the best LPD".

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