Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Morning Jazz

(originally posted at crw.vox.com)

Dropped my car off at the shop this morning for its 7500-mile inspection - just a thousand miles late.  Took the buss through the Tenderloin (always an adventure) and stopped off at the Apple store to ogle the new Macbooks before walking into work at the SoMA office.  All the while I was in the mood for jazz...

I would've liked to share a video with you, but YouTube's API seems to be funky.  It's not finding the video I'm after, so I can't add it to my Vox collection.  But if you're in the mood for some morning jazz, check out Sculpture by Skalpel.

Update: Searching again, later, I was able to find the video for Sculpture - don't know if anything was changed or if YouTube has some caching that needed updating or what.  Anyway, it's here so I'm adding it to the top of this post.  Cheers.

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