Friday, October 21, 2005

Tortoise & Daniel Lanois

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It was a damn fine show.

Differences from the last time I'd seen them (in Irving Plaza, Heidi reminded me):
  • they brought their xylophones & vibraphones with them.
  • they had two drum sets, and on a few numbers played them simultaneously.
  • after just about every song the band members would shuffle instruments.
That last one was really entertaining. I'd never seen a musician go from bass to six-string to xylophone to vibraphone in a succession of four songs. Watching them play the 'phones made me miss Smalls.

After Tortoise's act, Lanois came on and performed a solo piece which was alright. I was still sort of riding high off the Tortoise set. But then Tortoise came back out and backed Lanois for the remainder of his set. He did a good job mimicking their style, and stuck mainly to instrumentals.

I grabbed a few snapshots, sound clips, and movies with my phone. Alas, my laptop with the bluetooth is at the office and I'm not sure where my bluetooth usb adapter is... so the actual quality of that media won't be known until tomorrow.

Oh, and if you're in the SF area, they're playing again tomorrow night (Fri. 10/21), so you haven't missed it!

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