Friday, February 27, 2004

OS X Application Roundup

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I've just finished updating my newly-serviced 15" Powerbook G4, and now I have the fun task of downloading the newest versions of my favorite applications.  Here's what makes my OS X experience so much fun:
  • BBEdit (text editor for programming projects)
  • Firefox (mozilla browser)
  • iChat AV (latest beta does AIM vidchat)
  • iPulse (graphical system monitor)
  • iRoster (rendezvous browsing)
  • iTerm (tabbed console/terminal)
  • iWork (time-tracking and invoicing)
  • MacStumbler (wifi detection)
  • mplayer (does divx better than quicktime)
  • NetNewsWire (rss/atom newsreader)
  • OmniOutliner (mind-mapping, outlining)
  • OmniWeb (innovative web browser)
  • OSXPlanet (xplanet front-end)
  • Psi (jabber client)
  • SubEthaEdit (rendezvous-enabled text editor)
  • Teleport (software kvm)
  • Vim (for quick and dirty text edits)
  • VideoLAN Client (yet another movie player)
  • WeatherPop (menuling with local weather info)
  • X-Chat Aqua (irc client)
I'm not linking to them right now because I plan on adding each of them as nodes to the wiki when it's up, that way I can document my usage.  If you want to find them, head on over to google and slap an "osx" after the application name.  Quite a list, eh?  Who says there's not enough software for the Mac platform?

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