Monday, February 09, 2004

Firefox 0.8

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By now you've heard that Firebird has been renamed Firefox and a 0.8 release has been, well, released.  Here are a few first impressions for the OS X user:
  • Startup time is not noticeably faster than Firebird 0.7, but it is noticeably slower than Safari 1.2.
  • Yes, you still get that tiny phantom window when you use Apple's Expose feature.
  • Woohoo! They've included DOM Inspector, I now have no reason to have the full version of Mozilla installed.
  • Yes, the new Pinstripe theme is that cool.
  • OS X hotkeys like cmd-m to minimize and shift-cmd-left/right to switch tabs still do not work.  Bummer.
  • about:plugins shows they're still working with Java 1.3.1, so still no Newsmonster support.  Argh.
Enough to get me to switch?  I dunno.  It's tempting to want to use a cross-platform browser, but I'm really only using one platform on the desktop these days anyway.

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