Sunday, September 21, 2003

Panther Build 7B68

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Much much much better than the alpha that was released at Apple's 2003 WWDC. Here's a list of what I've found in the first two hours of playing:
  • The system itself is both more stable and more responsive.
  • The new DVD player seems to lack the memory leak of the old one.
  • The new Finder has a less-buggy implementation of the column view.
  • The Accounts prefpane now has user limitations implemented.
  • The Simple Finder limitation for Guest users is pretty slick.
  • Fast-user switching is, well, faster.
  • Default bash shell.
  • echo $SHELL /bin/bash
  • Expose's desktop feature doesn't completely hide open windows.
  • The new Activity Monitor has a process filter and is more usable in general.
Phew. Fantastic. I can't wait until they release this to the general public.

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