Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Web/Thought Trail

  1. Read a headline re: Germany scaling back "nuclear".
  2. Confusion whether it refers to disarmament or nuclear power in the aftermath of Fukushima.
  3. Read article, ah, phasing out nuclear power.
  4. Thinks to self: wait, does Germany even have The Bomb?
  5. Consult wikipedia:
    1. Nuclear club (ooh neat, Germany didn't have the bomb until we gave them one)
    2. Begin clicking every first, non-parenthesized link, ala xkcd:
      1. Nations
      2. sovereign state
      3. state
      4. social sciences
      5. fields
      6. academic
      7. community
      8. interacting
      9. causal
      10. events
      11. philosophy (win!)

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