Sunday, April 17, 2005

Why U-Haul Sucks

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I search the site for U-Haul locations in my zip code.  I get six results.  Half of those aren't open seven days a week, and it's Sunday.  I call the first that claims to be open.  Closed.  The second?  No trucks.  The third?  On hold.

Five minutes later...

Representative: "Hello, in order to best serve your needs and find you the most affordable solution, I need to take your name."

Me: "My name?"

Rep: "Yes, your name."

Me: "I'm not giving you my name, I just want to know if you have any trucks available."

Rep: "Well I need your name."

Me: "Well you're not getting it.  Do you want my business or not?"

Rep: "Well, ok.  Where do you want to pick your truck up?"

Me: "San Francisco, zip code 94105."

Rep: "Ok, please hold."

...and then she transfers me to a different pickup location altogether.  In Oakland.  Wow.

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