Tuesday, January 04, 2005

TypeKey Pushing TypePad

(originally posted at crw.typepad.com)

Last month on ninjafish I mused about comment tracking. Through chats on #joiito, #suwcharman and IM, a number of people identified the need for an easy and transparent way for users to keep track of the comments they leave scattered throughout the blogosphere. This lead to pie-in-the-sky fantasies about everyone having a web space of their own and the current practice of commenting giving way strictly to trackback pings.

Naturally, with all this talk of commenting, thoughts eventually turned to TypeKey - Six Apart's centralized identity service for comment authentication. It dawned on me that 6A had a golden opportunity with TypeKey: they could use TypeKey to drive TypePad sales if they educated their users on the difference between comments and trackbacks.

If you go to the TypeKey site, however, you'll find no mention of other 6A products at all. I believe this to be because 6A would like to see mass-adoption of TypeKey across other blogging platforms to maximize its usefulness. Turning TypeKey into an advertisement for TypePad would be counterproductive to this goal.

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