Saturday, September 28, 2002

PPPoE in Philadelphia

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I got into Philadelphia late last night. I'm only here for the weekend, visiting my friend Kristen.

The first thing I did when I got there - even before changing out of my wet clothes - was to get my laptop hooked up on their building network. Verizon brings a T3 into the building and there are probably fiber runs to a switch room on each floor. They use PPPoE to connect.

Kristen's roommates were confused how I'd get PPPoE working on the Powerbook (running OSX 10.2) without being able to install Verizon's Windows-only PPPoE software connection client.

Oh man, it was SO easy. Created a PPPoE location, gave it the username, password, told it what the service name was. And bang, I was connected.

Their jaws dropped.

"We can't do that in Windows without their utility!"

"Funny, that."

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