Sunday, May 19, 2002


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yep.  today's my birthday.

dave and alex and i went out for brunch.  they went shopping and i came to the office to play with a new toy i got.  we're going to meet up later in the evening for dinner at that indian place downtown.  you know the one.

it's been a while since i've posted.  i've been to rochester for mother's day.  saw cory & leaih's band play.  spent some time with jenelle.  i took a sleeper car on the train out of the city.  it was amazing.  it's the only way to survive traveling by train.  maybe it was that i was reading stanislaw lem's "the star diaries," but that sleeper car definitely had a space-pod vibe to it.

but i'm back in the city though.  up in rochester i got a handful of really great books that i haven't gotten around to reading yet.  and following dkp's lead, i created my own amazon wishlist.

carrie didn't post to her journal yesterday.  which happens so very seldomly that i got a bit worried when i woke up this morning.  i hope everything's alright.

so what am i doing in the office on my birthday?  the company had a spare G3 PowerMac sitting around collecting dust.  i swooped it up and am now in the process of installing OS9.2 as a stepping-stone to OSX.  the G3 is pretty ancient, i hope it can handle it.  it's a 400 with 256mb of RAM and a 9 gig drive.  nothing to write home about.  i checked the prices on ebay, and i could probably end up buying this off the company for only a couple hundred bucks.  we'll see how OSX runs on it first. :)

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